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    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimemiđ 24.feb 2010
    Til sölu 1200 w DAS Sub-218 Bassabotnar fyrir hljóđkerfi ţetta eru fullorđins grćjur og ekki fyrir neina kettlinga hvort box inniheldur tvo 18" Hátalara.
    Óska eftir ađ fá tilbođ í ţetta hér á dagskrain.is.
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimemiđ 24.feb 2010
    Smá upplýsingar :)
    DAS Sub218 Subwoofer

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    Cubed Shipping Weight: 130.00 lbs

    Acclaim price before discounts: CDN $2955.00
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    Product Description
    Glass, steel and reinforced concrete. These are the prime materials used to build today's modern structures. Achieving intelligible communication in such adverse acoustical environments requires loudspeaker systems that offer solutions to the problems posed by the physical circumstances of today's public venues. Now, more than ever before, acoustic system designers are faced with the challenging task of overcoming vast architectural obstacles.

    D.A.S. introduces the REFERENCE Series. Installation loudspeaker systems with exceptional efficiency, enhanced pattern control and intelligibility, easily adaptable to aesthetically complement the decor of any venue. Engineered from "real world" experience, the REFERENCE Series provides acoustical designers with the primary tools needed to solve the problems of permanent sound reinforcement installations.


    Mode selector simplifies passive/biamp operation
    Durable black polyurethane paint finish permits color changes
    The refined cabinet design of the R series makes aesthetic integration with venue decor effortless.

    Rotatable constant directivity horns
    BP-91/BP-92 CD horns minimize distortion and provide consistent pattern control over a wider frequency range

    16 Integrated rigging points
    Ultra compact enclosure design
    Built-in hand locations

    D.A.S. built components
    Heavy-duty steel grilles
    NeodymiumCompression drivers with 4" voice coils
    Wisa? Birch plywood

    The REFERENCE Series is the result of over 30 years of intense activity in the world of professional audio. Advanced design technology and exceptional sound quality give all D.A.S. products the winning feature sound designers depend on?absolute value.

    Frequency response 35 Hz - 1.0 kHz
    Power handling RMS(*)
    Program Power(**) 1200 W
    2400 W
    Sensitivity (1 W/1 m)
    Max SPL at full power 101 dB SPL
    138 dB
    Nominal Impedance 4 Ohms
    Dimensions (HxWxD) 112x55x48 cm (44x21.7x18.9 in)
    Enclosure material Wisa? Birch Plywood
    Weight 59 Kg (130 lbs)
    Color Black
    Replacement parts GM-18P
    Accessories (Opcional) ANL-2
    Applications Fixed/portable bass reinforcement
    Fitness/Aerobics centers
    Schools and institutions
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimefim 25.feb 2010
    Flott á útihátíđina í sumar !!!
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimefim 25.feb 2010
    Menningarnótt !!!
    • CommentAuthorWoldoW
    • CommentTimefös 26.feb 2010
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimefös 26.feb 2010
    ţú getur fengiđ snúrurnar og magnarann á 20 :)
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimefös 26.feb 2010
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimelau 27.feb 2010
    • CommentAuthorGauui
    • CommentTimelau 27.feb 2010
    upp upp up u

This discussion has been inactive for longer than 42 days, and is thus closed.


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